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Natural Toxins Versus Synthetic Toxins

As we become aware of the dangers caused from toxins in personal care products, it is important that we become familiar with the toxicity rating of each product. This will enable us to make informed decisions and be aware of what we are applying on our skin. Be Natural Organics is now having each of our products rated to better assist you in your choices. This is crucial due to the fact, that personal care products are applied to our skin on a continuing basis for our entire lives.

Furthermore, we need to understand the various types of toxins.

Synthetic toxins – Most tend to accumulate in our bodies and attribute to our “Chemical Body Burden”. This has been shown to lower the body’s resistance to fight disease as well as numerous research documenting synthetic toxins propensity to accumulate in our organs and fatty tissues. Parabens (found in over 90% of skin care products) collect in the fatty tissues in breasts and found in breast tumors; sulfates accumulate in the brain, heart, liver and lungs. There are too many commonly used synthetic toxins to go into detail here, I have provided more information under the “articles link”.

Natural toxins – These are very different than their synthetic counterparts. Fruit and vegetable enzymes, some essential oils and other botanical actives may have a toxicity rating, but they are very different than their synthetic counterparts. Be Natural Organics will use various natural enzymes for specific results (fruit enzymes for exfoliation and collagen proliferation, essential oils for their nutritional benefits). These natural enzymes dissipate into the skin, fulfill their purpose and become neutralized by the body. They do not accumulate in the body or cause any long-term concerns.

Be Natural Organics has developed the unique ability to harness active botanical enzymes to provide high performance results. In addition,

We have chosen to keep our formulations free of all harmful synthetic toxins for the following reasons; synthetic toxins do not provide nutritional value or cellular benefits. Synthetic chemicals are use only to provide emulsion, smell, preservative value, and touch.

Be Natural Organics has worked diligently in providing a luxurious product line that surpasses the competition in these areas. We are extremely proud that this has been done naturally.

Be Natural Organics is committed to educating the consumer on the importance of healthy skin care and to be a driving force in the removal of all dangerous toxins used in skin care products today.

Be Well, Joanne O’Donnell
Founder of Be Natural Organics