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The Healthiest Version of Me
A Feature With Katie – The Nurse Next Door

BNO: On our Instagram post a few weeks ago, you made the following comment: "Your line of products is all I have used for 6 years! I tell everyone I know about them! 💜 " – So, who told you about Be Natural Organics or how did you find out about us?

Katie: I LOVE Be Natural Organics. After I had my firstborn son [now 10 years old], I developed terrible acne including cystic nodules. I used many different methods for acne care including prescription ointments, steroid injections, even a tanning bed as recommended by the dermatologist. At times those treatments were effective at "drying up" the acne, but never healing my skin and always would return with a vengeance. During a visit with Joanne, she kindly offered me a sample of the Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel. I used it faithfully and within a few weeks my skin started to heal. I felt like a new woman! Then, I purchased the AHA Facial Wash and Sea Kelp Moisturizer and the rest is history! I don't use anything but BNO!

My favorite product overall is the Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel. I love that it treats both acne and is anti-aging. Many treatments for adult acne do not also incorporate an anti-aging treatment; most treatments are drying and thin the skin. Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is a wonderful treatment that caters to both needs.

Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel

BNO: I'm sure you've heard this before but your skin looks really amazing. Do you have any other lifestyle tips for maintaining your healthy, beautiful skin?

Katie: I am no expert but here are a few things I live by:
  1. A great skin care routine is a necessity for great skin. So often, people constantly change their skin routine. I believe this really angers the skin. Do your research, use great products (ahem, BNO!!!) and stick to a routine. It can take weeks or months to notice a healthy difference in skin. Patience and consistency are key!
  2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Drinking enough water every day is a must to flush out toxins and keep skin healthy.
  3. Less makeup is more. I try to wear as little makeup as possible. I keep my makeup brushes clean, I always wear a loose powder foundation, never liquid foundation as I find this irritates my skin and does not allow it to breathe. And I always wash my face at night, no matter how exhausted I am after a long day!
BNO: As a nurse, what are some things people should be concerned about in terms of staying fit?

Katie: Everyone has their own definition of being fit. For me, being fit is being active and involved, not only physically, but also in my kids’ lives and the community. Being fit and being active is a lifestyle. What concerns me is quick fixes, products that promise instant weight loss, binge dieting and crazy workout systems. People should steer clear of these things. I've seen so many people quickly lose the weight and "get fit" but soon after lose the willpower to stay fit. This ruins metabolism, decreases energy levels, adds stress and increases risk of depression and low self-esteem. Be active, be consistent, and strive to be the healthiest version of YOU – not somebody else.

BNO: You are the modern woman - a hard-working, married mother of two. How do you maintain work-life balance?

Katie: Balancing family, work, volunteering and friendships is not easy. I often have to remind myself how lucky I am that I have all of those wonderful things to balance! It is what makes my life exciting and crazy all at the same time. Maintaining the balance involves having routines yet flexibility; being humble yet being confident even when I don't have time to put my mascara on before dropping the kids off and heading to work. I am routine-oriented, but I have learned that being flexible on the days the routine gets squashed at 8 a.m. will allow for a happy positive environment for everyone. Tips I have for balancing are:
  1. Meal planning. I have a meal routine for breakfast and dinner. I meal plan every Saturday, and cook a homemade dinner every night, usually one meal allows for leftovers so I get a break one weeknight. Oh and Saturdays, we cheat and treat ourselves to carry out!
  2. Cleaning routine. I have a checklist of what days I wash clothes, towels, etc., and another checklist for house cleaning. Again, flexibility and giving myself grace is key here :) .
  3. Give kids chores and checklists. I have an awesome daily routine list broken down into Morning, After School and Evening for my oldest son that he goes through and checks off with a dry erase marker. He also has a chore list with "How to" instructions he can check off with a dry erase marker. (Example: How to Set the Dinner Table). This gives him responsibility and helps me out a ton!
  4. To avoid becoming overwhelmed with work, I often remind myself that I am an advocate for the lives of beautiful people. I have the privilege to treat people of many different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. I don't work for the paycheck but for the patient!
  5. Making time for family. We make a point to eat every breakfast and dinner together as a family, that often means getting up earlier. We also try to play a board game with our oldest son every night, which often means going to bed later, but quality time is of utmost importance to me.
Updated: March 13, 2017