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A personal note from BNO’s founder, Joanne O’Donnell

memorial day imageI hope many of you are finding ways to enjoy and celebrate Memorial Day during this unusual time. I know it’s hard for families to be able to get together as we have in the past for picnics, boating, travel to visit family and friends etc. Although activities may have to be modified our patriotism and our gratitude does not.

I, just as many of you have family that chose to serve our country. I am immensely proud to say my daughter Michelle and my son in law Brian both made that decision. Being a single mom, I had concerns on the cost of putting my daughter through college. My daughter and son-in-law were both awarded military scholarships and graduated from Cornell University. My daughter spent 4 years in the navy helping to serve and protect our country. The wonderful experience and training she received prepared her for a great career! My son in law chose to make the military his career and loves it.

I am extremely grateful to the military for the assistance, training, and protection it provides its citizens. I support the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization helps vets navigate through the V.A. and helps those with PTSD, TBI and their families through Project Odyssey, health & wellness programs and more. It’s such a worthy charity, I encourage all our customers to check out the website and get involved if it moves you at

On Memorial Day, call a family member or friend in the military and thank them. Say a prayer for all those on active duty, injured, and those trying to adjust to transitioning back home to civilian life. Donate time and/or money to a military cause. On this day if you see someone in military dress, smile, say thank you for your service, and honor them with the recognition they deserve.

Joanne O’Donnell
President, Be Natural Organics

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