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Batch Codes for Skin Care Products you ever snacked on stale chips or sipped some spoiled milk because you forgot to check the expiration date? That sell-by date you see on your food is there for a reason: to keep people in the know about when their food will no longer be fresh. Similarly, your organic skin care products should have a batch stamp code in order to determine product freshness!

Organic skin care companies will provide their customers with either a batch code or an expiration date for their skin care products so you can be sure it’s fresh. If you think about it, food expires, and there are food-based ingredients in organic skin care products. Don’t you want the ingredients in your organic skin care products and cosmetics to be fresh?

How to Read Our Batch Codes

A batch stamp is a code which helps the organic skin care company identify when the product was produced and in which batch it was made. Hence, the term “batch code.” The code will be visibly stamped somewhere on the product.

A batch code typically consists of a set of six or seven numbers which can be easily deciphered if you know what to look for. For Be Natural Organics, each of our skin care representatives has a designated number. The first number of the batch code on our products represents who made that specific product. The second two numbers represent the specific month of the year. The next two numbers represent the day of the month, and the one after that is the year.

High-Quality Organic Skin Care Products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require over-the-counter cosmetics and skin care products to have batch codes, so it’s not surprising when you see someone with a collection of old makeup and beauty products. Although an odd smell, color or separated ingredients can indicate an expired or outdated product, it’s not always so obvious when your skin care products expire. Organic skin care companies use batch codes for traceability and to ensure freshness of their organic skin care products.

Did You Know?

Keeping organic skin care products away from heat and humidity helps prolong the life of your products.

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