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Be Natural Organics Story

In 2008, Joanne O’Donnell, a local beauty business owner with more than 30 years experience, became frustrated with her inability to find skincare products that were non-toxic, fresh and- just as important- provided results. She knew it was time to merge her experience and knowledge into her own skin care line, Be Natural Organics! 

Be Natural Organics‘ mission is to provide results-driven, botanically active, organic skin care products to support a variety of skin types.

As a woman owned and operated small business, Be Natural Organics has the capability to slow down or speed up production based on weekly needs. This control over production ensures our products are the freshest, botanically active skincare available. 

How do we do it? 

  •  We search the globe for the freshest, most active plant materials available. 
  • Our ingredients include: certified organic, cold pressed, medicinal grade, Co2- derived oils and active enzymes for visible results.  
  • We comply with Ecocert and Whole Foods Body Premium Standards as well as having products  Environmental Working Group verified.  
  • Finally, we NEVER sell to stores. Our products are too fresh and botanically active to sit on store shelves for months and even years on end.  All products are labeled with an expiration date so our customers know when they were bottled and how long they can be used.
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