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Beta Hydroxyl Acid also known as salicylic acid is a crucial ingredient in the fight against excess oil that causes blemishes and acne breakouts. It is the most widely used to naturally fight acne due to its many extraordinary properties.

BHA is a multi-tasking superstar! It naturally works to remove the oil and shine while decreasing excess sebum (oil) and is also excellent at:

  • Exfoliation – clears away dead skin cells that clog pores
  • Inflammation reduction – acne and its lesions are inflamed, BHA calms and reduces redness
  • Evens out skin color – acne can leave uneven color, the exfoliation action promotes new fresh, natural looking skin
  • Allows for deeper penetration of your acne medications – once again that wonderful salicylic acid lifts debris from the top layer allowing products to go deeper to destroy acne causing bacteria

BONUS can reduce the look of fine, dry lines to make your skin look more youthful!

BE NATURAL ORGANICS BHA Serum is a must have for acne and clogged pores. Willow bark, the most natural form of BHA is used to achieve the above results.

We included Hyaluronic Acid to provide a sponge like effect to pull water from the air giving your face the extra moisture it needs to plump your skin.

We then added 3 more pampering ingredients to treat your skin after the acids do their job.

  1. Aloe Vera with its 20 amino acids to regenerate and boost collagen
  2. Green Tea, a natural organic extract that is a triple threat against acne as it contains EGCG and plant based Catechins which fight oily skin with its antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory natural properties
  3. Aspen Bark an anti-inflammatory to calm and soothe

Our BHA serum is available in sample size, 1 fl. oz and our gift and travel collections. On Sale Now until July 19th, 2020. Use Code: BHA35 for 35% off.

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