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Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough!

I feel such a profound sadness over the current events that are dividing our country and  a sense of outrage over the horrendous act that killed George Floyd on May 25th that I felt I must speak out.

As a human being and especially a mother I cried tears of horror as the video played showing Mr. Floyd begging for his life, gasping for breath to no avail. I imagined his family watching, hoping for that knee to lift before it was too late, only to see another black man lose his life like many before him.

I thought to myself what is it going to take to stop this injustice from happening over and over again in the future? How do we and those in charge stop those sworn to protect residents no matter the color of their skin from being killed so easily as if they mean nothing, are nothing in the eyes of the jaded men and women on the force?

Our country is facing a huge and extraordinarily complex systemic race problem and although it seems that after all these years a solution could have been found, it still has not.

I do have a renewed sense of hope after seeing the anti-racism protesters banding together, all ages, nationalities, skin colors, marching, chanting, standing up and fighting for those that have been lost to an unjust, angry fearful system. Change must happen as persons of color deserve to live a safe, equal, prosperous, long life.

I believe the massive number of peaceful protesters all across the country are making a difference and shining a light on racism. 

I believe we all can improve our world by putting out love, respect, courage, trust and joyfulness. I carry those personal values within me and also throughout BE NATURAL ORGANICS.

I stand up for racial equality, I support the movement and pray for change.


Joanne O’Donnell

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