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If you have read our “ABOUT US” section at the bottom of our website you have seen a short note from our owner, Joanne O’Donnell. It tells you about her 30 plus years as a skin care professional, spa owner and her reason for starting BE NATURAL ORGANICS. What it doesn’t tell you about is her passion for the environment and nature, recycling, philanthropy efforts, her sense of humor, contagious laugh and her tenaciousness even during rough times like we are all living through now with the virus.

If you read our blogs you will have already seen For Women’s International Day, it tells you about Benedict and Caleb, two sweet boys from Ghana Africa Joanne supports through #COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL. Her sense of humor is reflected in our short blog BRINGING A LITTLE LIGHTNESS INTO THIS SERIOUS TIME, it’s just a cartoon but she wanted it posted to give us all something to chuckle at during this time when nothing seems funny. I wish you could have heard her hearty, contagious laugh when she saw it, you couldn’t help but laugh right along with her!

Now the serious one closest to Joanne’s heart, what she avidly practices at work and on a personal level every day; recycling, supporting and loving this earth we all inhabit. When I started working for Joanne, she told me that her company RECYCLES! I spent enough time working at the facility and learning how the company ran before writing about it. Staff separates all packaging material, binds and brings to the recycling yard. Be Natural Organics orders 100% recyclable peanuts, recyclable boxes and uses container packaging that has the best recycling properties available.

If you are driving down Long Lake road in West Bloomfield, Mi and see two ladies walking with bags collecting garbage along the road, it’s not court ordered it’s Joanne and her friend exercising and helping to clean the earth, one piece of trash at a time. She doesn’t just talk the talk; Joanne really walks the walk!

During this time of distancing and trying to stay healthy, we can all do something to help heal our world. Whether it’s picking up trash along the side of the road, bringing your own bags to the grocery store, or planting a tree, we can all be part of the healing process.

Be Natural Organics uses the finest ingredients available for all of our products. We use organic, wild crafted and Co2 derived plant materials in crafting each product. These ingredients are essential in producing the finest grade oils, for optimal skin nourishment and repair.

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