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You’ve heard the old saying “Not all that shimmers is gold”, well that’s definitely not true for Be Natural Organic’s Shimmer Oil! Our oil is cold pressed and filled with some lovely additional oils to make your skin feel and look soft and shimmery. We have added Raspberry Seed Oil that boosts collagen to smooth and firm your skin, it’s also an age defying little wonder. Our Macadamia Nut Oil wakes your skin up with palmitoleic acid as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Borago Oil instantly hydrates (we all know dry skin has a more aged look) and works well on all skin types. It is a dry oil, so you get all these benefits without a greasy feel. Shimmer is a golden, multi-tasking product you can use on cheeks, inner eye and brow bone day or night. When your dressing up and feeling sexy, apply a small amount on shoulders, décolleté, arms, legs or up your spine in an evening dress with a low cut back, Oh la la…. anywhere you want to sparkle!

Hint… before you go for the gold reach for our Amaretto Body Scrub. It works to cleanse, exfoliate, and polish, giving your skin a healthy and glowing look. On top of all those benefits while using our scrub in the shower you delight in an aromatic therapy that will relax your daily stressors and uplift your mood. Of course, it’s all natural; made with sugar, vitamin E, and our proprietary secret blend of oils this is a must have in your skin regimen but especially in conjunction with Shimmer to get that all over feeling of soft glam and glitter.

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