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Earth Day was started when a Wisconsin senator witnessed a devastating 3-million-gallon oil spill off California’s coast and knew he needed to bring awareness to this awesome planet that we are lucky enough to be living on and all that it gives us to sustain life including the air we breathe, the food it grows, the beautiful blue skies we gaze at, the water that hydrates us, the list is endless. BE NATURAL ORGANICS has always practiced “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in our business to help protect our environment and we hope you join in.

  • Here are a few ideas of what you can do on Earth Day and throughout the year.
  • Turn off the T.V. and other electricals, imagine how much energy/electricity is saved across the world
  • Replace all your old light blubs with CFL bulbs which use ¼ of the energy and last 10 times longer.
  • Today and 1 day a week, eat a meatless dinner, it reduces pollution, conserves water, and saves topsoil.
  • Adopt an area on a local road and pick up trash along the side of the road. You’ll get exercise and beautify your surroundings.
  • There’s also small things you can do every day, take your own cloth bags to grocery store, recycle, use earth friendly cleaning products, switch to Ebill and forego paper invoices to save trees, drink from a reusable cup for coffee and water to stop plastic and Styrofoam from going into landfills.

Thank you for reading and hopefully we can all help protect, heal and teach future generations to be environmentally conscious.

Be Natural Organics uses the finest ingredients available for all of our products. We use organic, wild crafted and Co2 derived plant materials in crafting each product. These ingredients are essential in producing the finest grade oils, for optimal skin nourishment and repair.

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