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Mee-cellar? Miss-cellar? What is it? Well, first of all it’s pronounced (My-cellar) and it’s a blend of purified water and micelle molecules that pull dirt and oil from your skin. I love this product! To be honest I’m not the greatest at washing my face before I go to sleep.

In fact, I bet I’ve gone to bed more times than not with a full face of make-up. I know, I know, yuck. But with this micellar water it makes cleansing my face at night time so easy. No need for a sink. Just some make up pads and the micellar cleanser. Is it a super thorough clean?

No, but it gets the job done for this lazy gal. And, I figure better than nothing! I also love it for cleansing in the morning. If I’ve been a good girl and washed my face the night before I love it for a quick super light cleanse to wipe away the night time oils and dirt, and, if I’m running late it’s quick and saves me time. And, lastly, I love it for after workouts to wipe away the sweat from the gym. Especially if I’m running a couple errands after my workout it gives my skin a quick clean and helps to keep my pores unclogged before I can get home to shower.

Our micellar water is formulated with some yummy extracts like algae, cucumber, sea fennel, and sea kelp. They give an added benefit of phyto-nutrients.

Ours is scented with helichrysum floral water which gives it a nice, light clean aroma. 

I may be biased because this is one of my babies☺


Maria B.

National Director of Formulations

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