Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel – 4 oz


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Our Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is an excellent option for harnessing the benefits of an enzyme (chemical) peel. It can work wonders for problematic and aging skin by helping to shed the dead skin that clog pores and cause acne. Lactic acid is the hero in this formula. It effectively exfoliates as it hydrates the skin. We suspended lactic acid in an organic aloe vera juice base. The result is a product that strikes the perfect balance between being gentle and being effective. It improves the appearance of skin while tightening pores.

ATTENTION: Although the Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is created to use daily. This must be done very slowly as your skin becomes acclimated. The Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is to be started once per week. As your skin builds a tolerance, you may begin to increase usage to a maximum of once per day. If you find your skin becoming dry or irritated, use less often. We also suggest the use of daily sunscreen when using any exfoliating product to protect your skin from damaging UV radiation. Our SPF 30 Organic Sunscreen is a great choice.

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Mature – Acne-Prone – Oily and Normal.

  • Creates an environment for optimal absorption of skincare products
  • Creates a more even skin tone
  • Decreases the appearance of fine lines and creates a more refined skin texture
  • Aids in the removal of impacted sebum and excess skin cells from pores

Lactic Acid – A natural gentle alpha hydroxy acid that smooths signs of aging by exfoliating the top – dead layer of skin. Lactic acid hydrates for a more glowing – youthful appearance.

Aqua (water) – sodium lactate – lactic acid (vegetable-based) – populus tremuloides (Aspen) bark extract – propanediol – calendula officinalis flower extract – D-panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) – bambusa vulgaris (Bamboo) extract – cucum sativus (cucumber) extract – zingiber officinale (ginger) extract.

Use after cleansing. Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and apply over face and neck – avoiding eye areas. Allow enzyme peel to dry completely – rinse well and pat dry before spraying face and neck with balancing mist.

ATTENTION: Although the Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is created to use daily. This must be done very slowly as your skin becomes acclimated. The Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is to be started once per week. As your skin builds a tolerance – you may begin to increase usage to a maximum of once per day. If you find your skin becoming dry or irritated – use less often. We also suggest the use of daily sunscreen when using any exfoliating product to protect your skin from damaging UV radiation. Our SPF 30 Organic Sunscreen is a great choice.

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80 reviews for Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel – 4 oz

  1. Lynn DeAsis (verified owner)

    I saw a difference the very first morning! My skin was so smooth!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. sharon milton (verified owner)

  4. Anita C.R. Gorham (verified owner)

  5. Heidi F. (verified owner)

    Love how this gently exfoliates – I see more even skin tone

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usOhio, United States

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

  8. Shalini

    Superb organic brands.imoressed.

  9. Neiley Royston (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    This product is basically magic.

  10. Katherine (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    Been using for 12 years, favorite BNO product!

  11. Barbara (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Helps skin feel smoother

  12. Marlena S. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Stopped using this for a while due to moving and boy how I have missed it and notice the difference in my skin

  13. Anita C.R. (verified owner)

  14. Diane Flora (verified owner)

  15. Natalie J. (verified owner)

    I’ve only used it twice but so far my face feels smoother the next day. It doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. I really like the clean ingredients as well.

  16. Katherine Y. (verified owner)

  17. Anita C.R. Gorham

  18. MARY Lombardi

    not sure what it is actually doing, but i will keep it up. love all Be Natural Organics

  19. Katherine Young

    Using it before my bio-recovery evening repair it has improved skin tone texture and firmed up the neck line elasticity which was my original reason for starting this regimen.

  20. Dorothy Chapman

    I love that I can use this every day and know that it makes a big difference in the way my skin looks!

  21. Misti Stephens

    I really love how my skin looks the morning after using it.

  22. Christina Lopez

  23. Jo

  24. arlene stevens

    This peel is so easy and so effective at ridding the skin of dead layers and giving a nice rosy glow. I am on my third bottle and will continue to purchase.

  25. Temi Shuler

    Great product for helping sunspots and dark melasma.

  26. Marlena Sobala

  27. Keisha Sowers

    The verdict is still out for this… trying to figure out how often to use it for my skin and with the right products to encourage turnover. My skin is sensitive.

  28. ecaterina sheikh

  29. Karen Morales

    I love how clean this makes my face feel. I wish it came in glass instead of plastic.

  30. Lesli Cohan

    This is a great product and my skin loves it.

  31. Julie Siebenaler

    Helps remove residue and dead skin

  32. raina talley

    I found products that actually help my sensitive skin! It has been so hard for me to find products that calm my skin down/exfoliate dead cells, etc. I know this is the brand for me.

  33. C. Campbell

    A must have in my facial care routine. I recently had some acne issues on my nose and decided to use the Enzyme Peel on the trouble spot and it work; actually worked very well.

  34. Alexis LaTorella

    I have been dealing with adult acne for a few years. This stuff rocks, helps to kill acne bacteria and has helped fade my scars!! I use it almost everyday and I will never live without it. I love this companys products, I use the gentle face wash, mother of pearl facial scrub 1x per week and the daily light moisturizer. Ive also used the neutrogena light therapy acne mask everyday for 60 days now (afraid to stop) and changed my diet to follow anti-inflammatory diet and my skin is finally clear. Hope this information helps someone else out there. Acne as an adult is awful and I hope this review helps someone else that was struggling like me.

  35. arlene stevens

    This is a simple, efficient method for exfoliation which quickly results in brighter, smoother skin.

  36. Leah Thomas

  37. Dona McVoy

    love the combination of this with the bio-active cleanser –

  38. Caroline Knowles

  39. Namrata Bansal

    This peel definitely brightens up my skin and I can see the difference on days i use it. Also happy it has non-toxic ingredients and that I can use it everyday without worrying about ill effects on health.

  40. Naomi

    My skin is usually very problematic. I use this daily on my very acne prone areas and about twice a week on my whole face. It really works! My skin is now glowing and clear. Lots of compliments!

  41. Marcia Lindsay

    This is my second order. Love it!

  42. CYNTHIA Wearn


  43. ELizabeth Moore

  44. Deb Gorham

  45. Elizabeth Akerley

    Ive just started using this again as my dermatologist gave me something to do the same, but I immediately broke out. Should have known better than to stray from BeNatural, I never have acne issues with their products!

  46. Joseph Sorge

  47. Margaret Hartranft

    Seems to be helping. Some more time needed to see. Dont like using the cotton ball to apply it. Seems like it is all absorbed on the cotton. So Ive used my fingers to apply

  48. Cheryl Schieffer

  49. Patsy Burkholder

    Highly recommend this peel. Very gentle but effective – Im in my mid 30s and have always struggled with acne. This product has helped so much. I started using the enzyme peel in late October and have been taking before & after photos and have noticed a dramatic improvement. My skin is clear, glowing and the texture is smoother. I bought all my nieces sample packs to try your products…this is the only brand I will use on my face!!

  50. Dana Czerwiec

    Use several days a week. Tingles when applied but not unbearable. Helps reduce acne breakouts plus removes dry patches of skin.

  51. Emily Yuen

  52. Sarah Draper

  53. Rebecca Neal

    This one is my favorite exfoliant for my skin. Keeps tiny bits of dry skin from forming and doesn’t leave my skin dry.

  54. Abigail Ortega-Corretjer

    This is SUCH a great product!! I am able to use it every day without any irritation, it makes my skin softer afterwards and I feel a lot cleaner as of the peel really penetrated into my skin!

  55. Anonymous

    Ive tried other peels and has never really ever noticed a difference. However, with this one, I can tell that my skin feels refreshed and smooth after using it. I would consider buying this again, even though peels arent something that I use regularly.

  56. Montana Dillenberg

    Ive been using the Enzyme Peel and Bio-Active Treatment and love the results. My skin is clear, the moderate hyper-pigmentation (on my chin) from old acne is almost gone and my skin is glowing! Ive has girls at work (and Im in skin care) as me what Ive started doing because the change is so noticeable. Its really hard to find good brands with quality ingredients that actually work, but the hunt is over! So happy- thank you for a great product!!

  57. Maria Hilario

    I have been using the enzyme peel for a couple years off and on (I do not use it every time I wash my face, I also alternate using it with the seaweed mask and other facial scrubs by Be Natural) and my skin is always glowing and noticeably even toned. It is my go-to quick mini facial!

  58. Amy McGinn

    As I enter my 40s my skin has gone crazy. Where it used to be oily its now dry, and where it was once dry its now oily. I have random pimples pop up, and a total lack of brightness. This product is a miracle in a bottle! It keeps my skin crystal clear, has made my pores much smaller, and I have a new smoothness to my face that I have never had before. I highly recommend this product to everyone of a “certain age” struggling with skin changes!

  59. Sonya Butcher

    I can tell this product works. My skin feels soft and smooth after using it.

  60. Amy Twisselman

    So far so good. Sometimes my skin is left a little dry, but Im not sure if thats just a result of the top layer of skin starting to peel away- I find my texture goes back to normal after a day or so

  61. Mina Palada

    I have pretty sensitive skin, with occasional blemishes in the chin area during my period. I use this twice a week, and it really works. The skin feels renewed and clean. The bit of tingling after the application just shows that the product does what it should.

  62. Donna DuVall

    I have rosacea and couldnt find any kind of peel that would not irritate my skin. This is gentle buts works so well. I love it.

  63. Yvette Pozzato

    Best skin product I can remember using in my life. KP, whiteheads, blackheads, enlarged pores, cystic acne and dullness gone in 1-2 nights, and I can use this as my only skin product without getting dry skin, although most of the time I follow with the Clarifying Lotion. I dont have very oily skin.

  64. Darlene Madsen

    Not too strong; smells nice.

  65. Sara Kesler

    I have used this more than a few times in the last few days. I believe it is starting to work, it tingles now, which didnt happen the few 2 or 3 times. I hope it proves to be effective.

  66. Stephanie Cooper

    I first ordered the trial size of this peel three weeks ago to help warrant the postage for the eye serum. But it is pretty amazing. The sample lasted only about 3 or four days. But it really helped. It didnt tingle or burn for a longtime after I applied it. Which surprised me due to my relatively sensitive skin. It has helped get rid of the flaky dry patches and overall unevenness. I noticed a difference in my skin when I ran out of my trial and waited for my full size to arrive.

  67. Shelia Kelligan

    I think that I will end up liking this even more; however, I am still in the process of increasing how often I use it. But based on all of the other products, I dont think Ill be disappointed.

  68. Alzaghtiti

    Helped minimize my pores. Made my blackheads smaller and less noticeable. No burn or irritation. Nice ingredients and no harsh chemicals compared to other peels and exfoliants. Refreshes and tightens the skin. I highly recommend this!

  69. Marian Orihel

    love the effect this has on my skin

  70. Jessica Hart

    I have sensitive skin that is prone to clogs and large pores. Exfoliation has always been very difficult to come by. Scrubs tear up my skin and even the best, organic ones tend to break me out significantly. Ive used this product maybe a handful of times and my skin has not had any negative reactions and Im noticing that clogs are surfacing (not all at once!) and pores are clearing up. Im optimistic that this may just be my new go-to exfoliant! I need to give it another month or so but so far, so good.

  71. Wanita Mascho

    Great peel does not burn your face like some other peels I have tried.

  72. Carrie Gregory

    I use different products from different companies, but Be Natural is one of only 2 or 3 companies from whom I order skin care products; and this peel is probably my favorite must-have product from Be Natural. I use it every day after washing in the morning, and I believe it makes a huge difference for me – and its not toxic! Gotta love That.

  73. Stacy Gamble

    The Enzyme Peel smooths my skin out. You have to use it consistently to see the results.

  74. Cynthia Bailey

    I have always loved this product. I use it before bed along with the Bio-Recovery Evening repair and it works great, leaving my skin looking and feeling refreshed.

  75. Kaylie Granger

    I feel it working and love knowing it is natural

  76. Kristen Kennelly

    Good for acne skin!

  77. Mary Olsen

    Love it. I have had my dr whose partner dose dermatology tell me my skin is beautiful.

  78. Stacy Gamble

    Helps heal and peel.

  79. Stephanie Quandt

    Im used to more abrasive scrubs, and this one goes on like water, is not really a “peel”, and I dont feel the tingling they talk about… but… somehow my skin looks younger and more radiant (combined with Hyaluronic Serum and Liposome Hydration Creme.) I would definitely purchase this again!

  80. Alice Carlson

    This product SUPER declogs my nose pores, yay! I use in the morning, after AHA Facial Wash, followed by CoQ10 Balancing Mist, followed my MultiPeptide serum. In the evenings I use Bio-Active Cleanser, followed by MultiPeptide Serum. Love, love, love this line and the results gained without toxicity!

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