Detoxifying Mud Mask – 1 oz


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A must-have product for blemish prone skin. Exfoliates the skin and helps to remove stubborn debris deep within pores that daily cleansing cannot reach. Made with pure, filtered mud from the Dead Sea, it contains a high concentration of beneficial minerals for the skin (including calcium, magnesium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron). Oily skin types will appreciate its ability to absorb, tighten and reduce the look of large pores. Our Detoxifying Mud Mask is more aggressive than our Clearing Mask. Those with problematic skin should see immediate results. It can be used as a full-face mask or as an overnight spot treatment. Your skin will be left radiantly clean.


Acne-Prone and aging skin types.

  • Effective in treating problematic skin
  • Pulls toxins and debris from pores
  • Helps with oily skin
  • Infuses the skin with beneficial minerals
  • Tightens and refines skin texture
  • Perfect as an overnight spot treatment
  • Leaves skin clean and radiant

100% pure (filtered) mud from the Dead Sea.

Step 1: Cleanse your face of all excess oil and bacteria – pat dry.

Step 2: Apply a thick layer of the Detoxifying Mud Mask to entire face and neck. Leave mask on for approximately 20 to 30 minutes or until mask is completely dry.

Step 3: Rinse off with warm water and a washcloth. Once the mask is removed – splash your face with cool water to close pores. Repeat once per week for optimal results.

Step 4: Follow up with a moisturizer to leave skin nourished – protected and supple.

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18 reviews for Detoxifying Mud Mask – 1 oz

  1. Erica G. (verified owner)

    Really wonderful working! A little goes a long way

  2. sharon milton (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

  3. Deb (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

  4. Cassandra Powell

  5. arlene stevens

    Great mask to detox the skin; leaving it to feel clean, refreshed and smooth.

  6. Lauren Bieda

    By far the best mask Ive ever used!

  7. Julie Siebenaler

    My face feels soft after using.

  8. Jessika Peterson

    I LOVE how my skin feels after using this and the tingling tells me it’s working hard!

  9. Whitney Money

    So refreshing and cleansing!!

  10. Tegan Ossington

  11. Marlena Sobala

  12. Charity Holt

  13. Simone Hollander

    This is a nice mud mask! It pulls but not too much, feels detoxifying but not aggressively so, rinses off nicely and makes a good overnight spot treatment.

  14. Alexandra Pappas

    Dries really fast but also exfoliates when you are removing it- I use it as a spot treatment overnight sometimes too.

  15. Alzaghtiti

    Minimized pores, refreshed skin, took away blackheads, affordable price, I LOVE THIS!!

  16. Katie Salari

    Ive been using the mineral mud mask once a week for the past month and really love it! You can really feel the mask cleaning out those pores when you have it on and when removed the skin feels tighter, pores look smaller and cleaner, and I have noticed a lightening of redness and darkness from past damage. I bought a trial of this and the clearing mask, loved both but preferred this one so I ordered a large container. Great on my regular, slightly oily skin.

  17. elizabeth peters


  18. Lila Mayson

    A few months ago, I picked up a sample of this product on a whim, and it wasnt long before I had to buy myself more!

    Ive suffered from horrible acne since I was in middle school. While I do have most of my white heads and bumps under control now, my blackheads have stubbornly refused to go away, no matter what I did. My skin is very sensitive and oily, so its been very difficult to find products that work well with it.

    Since Ive started using this mask once a week, however, Ive noticed a significant reduction in both my blackheads and my pore size. It makes my skin look very healthy and clean without irritating it at all.

    I will note that sometimes the mask will get stuck inside pores, even with the best washing. It doesnt really have any affect other than making a couple pores look a little darker than usual for a day or two, but its certainly something to keep in mind while using this product.

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