Sea Kelp Daily Moisturizer – 1 oz


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Sea Kelp Daily Moisturizer is an age defying cream that moisturizes while providing so much more. We combine sea kelp extract in an organic aloe vera juice base to help scavenge free radicals and environmental pollutants while boosting hydration. This wax-free formula allows for deep absorption of fruit-based glycolic acids to help tighten skin and reduce the look of pores for a youthful radiance.

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Gentle Foaming Face Wash – 1.7 oz
This gentle foaming face wash cleanses away make-up, excess oil...
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Rated 5.00 out of 5

104 reviews for Sea Kelp Daily Moisturizer – 1 oz

  1. Trang Nguyen

    For a seemingly thick cream, it absorbs pretty quickly and leaves no shiny oil. The moisturizing effect is just perfect for my combination skin. Ive tried a number of other moisturizers but theyre either not moisturizing enough or too greasy on my face. This ones just right. The sea kelp smell takes some time to get used to, but other than that, no complaint from me whatsoever. I have a habit of changing my products after 6 months, but this is very likely the first exception. Love it!

  2. Sharon Milton

    Great moisturizer; makes my skin soft without making it oily or greasy.

  3. Nicole Kammo

    Perfect for daytime. Leaves my face very refreshed. Very happy with this product.

  4. Robert Potter

    I used Clinique products on my face since I was 15 years of age. I am now 50. This moisturizer works great! Good to use morning and night. Keeps skin supple. This product is our best seller. This is the 1st moisturizer we suggest to our patrons.

  5. Mary Johnstone

    Great as I wrote above.

  6. Veronica Hindo

    Loving this moisturizer so far. It goes on smooth and feels refreshing, not heavy or greasy.

  7. Karen Stuard

    Great product

  8. Diane Rondina Griffin

    the standard for moisturizing creams. It smells healthy, if feels rich with energizing and protective properties yet not heavy. It absorbs nicely

  9. Tina Walker

    Delighted with the moisturizer, natural and lovely feeling on the skin, it feels like you are feeding your skin, not just a moisturizer, plumps up the skin and so soft afterwards.
    Highly recommend this moisturizer!

  10. Katherine Young

    Perfect moisturizer….
    Clean fresh smell goes on perfectly no greasy residue. Quenches my skin immediately

  11. Connie David

    This is a wonderful moisturizer! It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and healthy.

  12. Helen Toscano

    My daughter encouraged me to try this product. I was cautious because I have multiple allergies and had never found a product that would not make me itch and get a rash. I had been to countless dermatologist without success. My daughter told me she researched to find a product that would be good for me.

    I was pleasantly surprised. Sea Kelp moisturizer does not make me itch and it felt great. After 2 weeks I noticed my skin looked younger and felt softer.

    I have used Sea Kelp moisturizer every day for over a year now. Its great to have nice skin again.

    I have tried many other Be Natural Organics products and never had an allergic reaction to them.

    I am grateful to Be Natural Organics for having such great quality organic hypo-allergenic product and of course I am grateful to my daughter for finding it for me.

  13. Connie David

    This cream is so moisturizing! Its great in the summer after too much sun and its great in the winter with the dry, cold weather.

  14. shannon stevens

    love the sea kelp moisturizer. Feels like it really locks in the moisture after washing my face.

  15. Lisa Haskin

    I love this moisturizer!

  16. Shelia Kelligan

    I use this morning and night. Love the way it feels; doesnt feel greasy and leaves skin feeling rejuvenated.

  17. Fern M Kissel

    This moisturizer goes on smoothly & my skin feels great. You dont need to use that much of it.

  18. Deborah Shamel

    Love this moisturizer in the winter months. A little too heavy for me in the summer.

  19. Dorothy Chapman

    Ive been using this moisturizer for 3 years now and have seen amazing results in my skin. Love it!

  20. Vivianne Herrod

    My skin feels so woderful now! I love the texture of the Sea Kelp Moisturizer that I have a friend trying some to see how great it works. She loved it also and will be ordering some also! Everyone should be using this!!!

  21. michael finefter

    makes you look younger and feels great.

  22. Fern M Kissel

    Love this moisturizer!

  23. Jenny Gast

    Really like the product and how my skin feels

  24. Dorothy Chapman

    Love the way this makes my skin feel and look.

  25. Jeannine Ziomek

    I was first introduced to this product as a gift. When my jar was gone I had to order two more!! The cream keeps my face moisturized, not greasy , the texture is good, and it smells fantastic.

  26. Connie David

    This is the best moisturizer especially during winter months. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and very healthy.

  27. Donna Zukowski

    Does not leave a grease slick, but is very moisturizing, have ordered it many times.

  28. Brandy Younce

    Great texture, feels good putting it on.

  29. Karen Stuard

    I dont go a single day without using my moisturizer.

  30. Chere Seaman

    I feel like Im rubbing silk on my face with this moisturizer. So soft and smooth. A little goes a long ways. I have ordered this product three times. My skin feels really nice and no more dryness since using it.

  31. Kelly Hochheimer

    I think this is a great, non-greasy, hydrating moisturizer. My husband and I both use this day and night as it is not too light or too heavy, has a very light scent and absorbs in well. I think it also helps control my oily, acne prone skin.

  32. Helen Toscano

    Really love this face cream. My skin feels soft and moist all day without feeling oily.

  33. Aaliyah Elliott

    I love this moisturizer so much! It feels so good when rubbing it into my skin. Gives a nice healthy glow. Skin feels great!

  34. Kelly Johnston

    I have been using for a few years and It works great.

  35. Brittany Howard

    I love this moisturizer. Even better than the day light moisturizer. I feel like these ingredients work best with my skin. Gives me the moisture my face needs but not heavy. Skin feels calm when I put this on.

  36. Carrie Sustad

    Love this moisturizer. It goes on smooth and hydrates my skin wonderfully.

  37. Leslie Osburn

    This product is a great emollient, a little goes a long way. skin is hydrated and moist after application. Face feels soft but not oily. I love the effects of this sea kelp moisturizer! The customer service here is also fantastic. They delivered as expected and exceeded my expectations by offering me a replacement when they did not have exactly what I ordered. Great job you guys.

  38. Abigail Ortega-Corretjer

    I LOVE this moisturizer!! It is my absolute favorite, I swear by it so much. After cleansing my face completely, Ill put the moisturizer on to keep everything locked in, its not greasy AT ALL and keeps my face SO SOFT! I wouldnt choose any other moisturizer, this is the perfect one for me!

  39. Miki Skupas

    My daughter loves it

  40. Alexandra Pappas

    I use this in the mornings before I put on my makeup and it keeps my skin light and moisturized throughout the day.

  41. Dana Sutter

    I have been using this moisturizer for about 4 years now and my skin looks great. I am 48 and people always tell me how young I look and what great skin I have. Be Natural Organics has saved my skin for sure.

  42. Charity Holt

  43. Marlena Sobala

  44. Rebecca Bishop

    My face drinks this up. It relieves my super dry skin immediately. Love this stuff. I believe this with the Eye Repair Serum combined have improved my skin in overall.

  45. Joseph Toscano

    i like to use this as a day cream

  46. Jeannine Ziomek

    i love this moisturizer, I use it every night. It smells great, has a great creamy texture, and makes my skin fell soft and smooth

  47. Denise Hatter

    Love it.

  48. Joseph Sorge

  49. Barbara Neequaye

  50. Lynn Byrne

    Ordering it is not easy. It only comes up as a package. Then I have to figure out how to find it. If I type in moisturizer it is on the list but its exact name only puts it with other products. Also, I order the 1.7 oz but it is not listed as an option until purchase.


    I love the texture and the results. I feel my skin looks younger after only a few weeks.

  52. Kimberly Ries

  53. Helen Toscano

    I have multiple allergies and many products would give me a rash or make me itch but I love Be Natural Organics. My skin is clear and healthy looking and my husband and friends tell me I look 10 years younger !!!

  54. Nancy Shiarellla

  55. Kristine Blossom

  56. William griffin

    Love it

  57. Shirley Hoke

    I really like the texture and feel it’s doing a great job!

  58. Kathy Silvas


    Moisturizer feels pure and clean on my face. I really enjoy it.

  60. Neiley Royston

  61. Christy Steiner

    This product does well at moisturizing my skin and does not leave it feeling oily. This is the 2nd time I have bought this product.
    As a side note, one thing I have been disappointed with in this company is that I have emailed them twice with questions and I never received a response back.

  62. Jeannine Ziomek

    I just love the Sea kelp Moisturizer. it feels great when applied and has a fresh scent. Gives me just the right amount of moisturizing.

  63. Carrie Solomon

    I am SO grateful to have found Be Natural Organics!!!!! My skin is aging, combination and VERY reactive (aka acne-prone,) with fine lines and dark spots. I’m has been extremely difficult to find skincare that keeps breakouts at bay, since anti-aging products AND acne-fighting products both break me out. I still get side a few hormonal pimples each month but way smaller than before. This stuff is the perfect combo of moisture and retexturizing. I added the Bio-Active Cleanser and Daily Enzyme Peel to my regimen and my skin is happier than EVER! It absorbs beautifully, but it is a bit thick coming out of the tub, so tone your skin with some lemon juice or a toning spray prior to application; that helps you use less product and spread it more evenly. Be Natural also ships fast and it’s cheaper here than on Amazon. I LOVE the Sea Kelp Moisturizer. If you have combination skin, SERIOUSLY… try it out, mommy!!

  64. C. Campbell

    I use this as my night time moisturizer and think it really does the trick. In the morning my skin is hydrated, soft, and radiant. Sometimes I use it as a day time moisturizer on those extra cold winter days. If one is allowed to fall in love with a moisturizer then I have certainly fallen for BNOs Sea Kelp Moisturizer.

  65. Jennifer McNerney

  66. Deborah Boswell

    What better way to hydrate your skin than with the ocean? I love how silky the sea kelp moisturizer feels on my face, how wonderfully soft and healthy it feels. Smells clean & delicious, too.

  67. Dana Sutter

    Love this product, without it my skin just does not feel or look the same. I will use this forever.

  68. May Lim

    Am so happy with the delivery schedule
    Am using this cream in the night time.and hope to see some improvements soon.

  69. Julie Siebenaler

    This moisturizer is a must in my every day facial routine. Non irritating and moisturizes.

  70. Tanya Andrzejewski

    I love this lotion and how it’s not heavy or oily. I love smell and the fact it protects from the sun rays.

  71. Lesli Cohan

    Awesome moisturizer that smooths and softens.

  72. Kelley Nicholson

    I see a noticeable difference.

  73. Jeannine Ziomek

    Creamy, moisturizing and smells good! Those are the words I use to describe my favorite daytime moisturizer.

  74. Helen Toscano

    I have been using Sea Kelp moisturizer for a few years in the morning. I have severe allergies and sensitivities and Be Natural Organics is the only product that does not make me itch. Also there are no scents to aggravate my asthma. The cherry on the whip cream is that my skin looks 10 years younger.

  75. ecaterina sheikh

  76. Mary Patton

  77. Helen Toscano

    I have multiple allergies and sensitivities.
    Be Natural Organics is the only brand that I can put on my face without getting a rash.
    And it makes my skin look so much younger and smooth.

    The most recent one I received had a problem with the cap. The exterior silver ring around the lid on the smaller size came off when I tried to twist off the cap. I was able to snap it back on but it still comes off occasionally. The product inside was still the great quality it has always been.

  78. andrea kalcec

  79. Stephanie Allaire

    I absolutely love this sea kelp moisturizer. I use it as my final step in my nighttime skin care routine, and have seen a huge difference in the clarity of my skin.

  80. Marlena Sobala

  81. Margaret Hartranft

    love this product, smells lovely and keeps my face soft

  82. Martine Ceberio

    Excellent day cream. I love the subtle scent and the texture, not greasy at all.

  83. Catherine Clark

    I’ve been using this face cream for a few weeks and really like the rich texture and how my skin feels soft and smooth. I bought it in hopes it will reduce the redness from rosacea, and am seeing a slight improvement. Hopefully as I continue to use it I’ll see more improvement.

  84. andrea kalcec

    It’s the best!! Moisturizing but not greasy at all . Soaks in and leaves skin very soft .

  85. Julie Coates

  86. Joz Zona

  87. Misti Stephens

  88. Mallorie Nuttall

    A moisturizer that works perfectly for my combo skin!

  89. Diane Flora

    As with the other products, I like that this is natural and organic. It is a great moisturizer, light and mixes well with my foundation. I mix the 2 together before applying and they both go on smoothly.

  90. Holly Mathson

  91. Anonymous

  92. Jenny (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product!

  93. Rosa Vallejo (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    Feels great on skin!

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

  96. ELizabeth (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

  97. Karen S. (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    The perfect cream

  98. Vicky K. (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

  99. Dorothy (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

    I love the sea kelp moisturizer and how it makes my skin feel and look so amazing. I just wish that the 1.7 oz size was still available to order.

  100. Mary Johnstone (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    Used it for years . Excellent!

  101. Jeannine (verified owner)

  102. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

  103. Stephanie Pasanen (verified owner)

  104. Rosa V. (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

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