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Kids Bored And Tired Of Staying Home

We are all in the same situation right now so let’s make the best of it. Children will be bouncing off the walls and people, particularly seniors are more prone to depression without social interaction.

Gather the family for Facetime chats with grandma and grandpa. Get them to tell you and the kid’s facts about their childhood. What did they do and make back in the good ol’ days? Keep history and family ties alive.

If there is a birthday or holiday, send a gift through Amazon, etc. Call and tell them something special is coming but no opening until a designated date and time, it gives them anticipation and something to look forward to. Have the kiddos make birthday cards to read or show. Facetime or call at that time while they open it, have a birthday cake, light the candles and sing Happy Birthday! They feel included and you have cake for dessert!

Great time to organize! If you have kids, find some shoe or packing boxes, give them glue, stickers, wrapping paper, crayons, whatever you have on hand. Tell them to make their own special storage boxes for toys, video games, arts and crafts, anything they or you suggest. When they are done have them fill their special boxes, you see a cleaner room and they feel a sense of accomplishment. While they are busy, you get started organizing that closet or pantry you have been putting off. It’s a win-win.

Turn on some exercise videos from your collection or on cable. Your kids will have fun family exercising, burn off some energy and you will also get in your workout.

Teenage daughter? Ask her to show you some of her favorite fashion and make-up influencers. Both of you compile some make-up from your collections and follow the tips. Let her practice on you. You both may learn some new tricks while spending quality time together.

Plan a game night, I bet it’s usually hard to get your whole family together. Gather some favorites to play,     do classic charades with ideas written down by all of you or download some on your phone or iPad such as “Guess What Charades” Have fun!

Look online for recipes to make together, rather its DIY Kool Aid Lip Balm

Slimes, Gak and Goop

Kid Friendly Recipes

We at BE NATURAL ORGANICS hope these ideas help during this difficult time. Please stay in and stay healthy.

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