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What Prevents Wrinkles and Sagging Skin? The answer is sunscreen

Do you know that 90% of all skin damage comes directly from the sun?

How to Choose the Best?

Shopping for sunscreen can be daunting if you’ve ever spent any time browsing for the best product. Fancy shelf displays, product packaging and online marketing campaigns aimed to swoon you into believing one is better than the other.

There are Two Main Choices – Physical or Chemical Sunscreens

Physical Sunscreens – The safest sunscreens to use are physical sunscreens that use all natural ingredients and non-nano iron oxide and non-nano titanium oxide. Physical sunscreens are reef friendly, safe and eco friendly.

Chemical based sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that are damaging to our skin and bodies. When you apply these chemical based sunscreens, they are absorbed into our skin, body and organs. This is where things begin to cause problems. Chemical based sunscreens are NOT reef friendly and break down our precious eco system.

Tips for Safe Sunning

• Cover yourself up and find shade! – Wear a hat! Loose clothing can act as sun protection of your skin from damaging sun rays. However, remember that even the simplest of exposure – hands, ears, nose, cheeks – are subject to everyday exposure which it is recommended to apply some form of skin protection at all times.

BNO Knows Organic Sunscreen

Safely protect yourself against damaging UV rays with our best-rated Organic Physical Sunscreen. Be Natural Organics offers nude and tan tints to be used as a multi-purpose moisturizer/foundation/sunscreen.

Be safe this summer with a physical sunscreen or protective clothing when exposed to the sun. To learn more about skin care – Click here

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