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I get it, 2020 has been a really hard year to find things to be grateful for, COVID-19, a divided country, high unemployment…

When you think of the times in the past where you’ve been grateful for your health, the love of your life, bills that were paid and food on the table, you felt a spark of gratitude. 

At other times life can bring you down so low that you feel you have absolutely nothing to give thanks for. For your own well being, find something to be grateful for. 

Did you know… 

Happy thoughts negate unhappy thoughts. Research has “positively” shown happy, positive emotions are exceptionally good for our body, brain, and spirit.

Sounds like an easy thing to do right? Not always, it takes training, emotional strength and persistence. There are ways you can train yourself, just use your smarts and senses to learn how.

  • Schedule a gratitude reminder on your phone to come up in the morning and evening, take a second to start your day with positivity and before bed reflect on something good from the day, you well sleep better.
  • Be present! Stop your multi-tasking mind, look at the sun, smell the fresh rain, smile at the person next to you.
  • Say Thank you more often- it spreads gratitude!
  • Start a gratitude journal- on your phone or a paper journal, write at least 3 things a day, soon your mind will just do it automatically.
  • 21-day gratitude challenge- No judgment, gossip or criticizing for 21 days! 
  • Exchange self-pity for gratitude and move forward towards a happier life.

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