Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel Sample – 5 ml

Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel Sample – 5 ml

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Gentle, daily chemical exfoliation can be beneficial for most skin types. It can work wonders for problematic skin by helping to shed the dead skin that clog pores and cause oily spots. It is also great for skin that is on the dull or flaky. Our Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is an excellent option for harnessing the benefits of a chemical exfoliation. The most important ingredient we included in this peel for its active, effective, exfoliation is lactic acid. LA (found naturally in our body) is quite effective at hydrating. We suspended it in an organic aloe vera base. The result is a product that strikes the perfect balance between being gentle and being effective. It improves the appearance of skin while helping it better absorb serums and moisturizers.

Although the Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is created to use daily. This must be done very slowly as your skin becomes acclimated. The Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is to be started once per week. As your skin builds a tolerance, you may begin to increase usage to a maximum of once per day. If you find your skin becoming dry or irritated, use less often. We also suggest the use of daily sunscreen when using any exfoliating product to protect your skin from damaging UV radiation. Our SPF 30 Organic Sunscreen is a great choice.

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  • Skin Type

    All skin types 25+

  • Benefits
    • Creates an environment for optimal absorption of skincare products
    • Creates a more even skin tone
    • Decreases the appearance of fine lines and creates a more refined skin texture
    • Aids in the removal of impacted sebum and excess skin cells from pores
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8 reviews for Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel Sample – 5 ml

  1. Naomi Schwimmer

    I travel a lot for work so this is the perfect size for me to take this essential product with me everywhere I go.

  2. Diane LaSauce

    Not sure of benefit with sample.

  3. Jennifer Hayes

    Skin has been feeling gritty no matter what kinds of masks, scrubs, or cleansers i tried…until this! Left my skin smooth and soft.

  4. veronica carrillo

  5. Deb Gorham

  6. Julian Reeves

    I ran across Be Natural on a beauty blog and I havent looked back since. Not only has the enzyme peel cleared my skin up, it has made me look 10 years younger.

  7. Jon StJohn

    I believe that exfoliating is the most important part of my skin care routine and Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel is the BEST I have found

  8. Joanne O’Donnell

    I believe Exfoliation is the most important part of my skin care routine – and this is the best I have found!

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