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Is Skin Really Our Largest Organ?

Getting All Touchy Feely

It’s pretty amazing – this human body thing we carry around every day. Our skin makes up our largest organ, believe it or not. It’s also the most complicated with its many roles of not only containing our organs and muscles. Our skin truly is a vital part of why we exist. Our skin holds everything in place. It’s airtight, watertight and even flexible. It is complex and complicated all in the same breath. Adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it. The skin keeps us safe from exposure from harmful temperatures, a tremendous immune defense, vitamin production and even the sensation of touch.

Starting to see the Importance?

The Skinny

With all of this responsibility comes a dire need to protect it. Organic skincare products are a great way to infuse our skin with potent anti-oxidants and other actives that truly benefit the skin without harmful chemicals.

Be Natural Organics uses the 4 step process for full spectrum skin health:

1.   Cleanse
2.   Exfoliate
3.   Balance
4.   Moisturize

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