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Our Environmental Commitment

At Be Natural Organics we strongly believe that businesses should always take responsibility for the environmental consequences of their production actions.

In order to stay true to our commitment, we embrace the following protocols.

  • BNO has been working on being a green company long before it was the “in” thing to do. We steadfastly separate plastic, Styrofoam, plastics and paper into 50-gallon drums. We load and transport the material to our local recycling center.
  • We conscientiously reuse all packing materials from suppliers when appropriate.
  • We purchase only biodegradable packing peanuts made from natural, nontoxic sources, such as potato and corn starch. They dissolve in water and, can be thrown into compost pile or they are reusable on the customers end. 
  • We utilize renewable resources, use only LED lighting, closely monitor water usage, and are in the process of going paperless.

Our Packaging

Why we choose to use both PET Plastic and Glass containers for our products.



  • 100% of PET plastic bottles can be recycled into RPET which is the most used and recycled plastic in the world. Advancements in manufacturing technology using RPET make plastic bottles 30% lighter and reduces the amount of plastic needed to produce them.

Saves energy:

  • PET packaging uses significantly less energy and natural resources during the manufacturing process compared to glass packaging production. This includes fossil fuels and water. It is much lighter to transport which is also a gas and energy saver.


  • Shatterproof: This makes it a safer and lighter shipping option than glass.

Safety concerns:

  • PET plastic does not contain phthalates as non-PET plastics do.
  • PET plastics do not contain endocrine disruptors as other plastics may.
  • PET plastics do not contain dioxins, nor do they create them when heated in the microwave or left in the car on a hot day.
  • The FDA has deemed PET bottles within the safety limits, so no leeching of chemicals.
  • PET is globally renowned as safe and non-toxic.


Although glass is not as environmentally friendly as PET plastic, there are pros and cons to its use. At times, the benefits outweigh the cons depending on which ingredients we are formulating with.


  • Glass isn’t as earth friendly as PET plastic due of the processes involved in manufacturing the material, however it does give high transparency and is corrosion resistant.
  • Even though glass is harder to recycle, studies show more people tend to throw glass into the recycle bin versus plastic.


  • Weight of glass containers in shipping is more expensive and has a much higher carbon footprint than plastic. Many customers like that they can actually see the product.

Safety concerns:

  • Glass does not leach.
  • It isn’t made up of reactive chemicals.
  • Glass MUST be used with specific natural, organic ingredients to keep the formulations stable, fresh, and botanically active so it arrives right to our customers door in perfect condition and ready to do a beautiful job.
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