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We are all facing tough times during this unprecedented pandemic, so now’s the time to get creative keeping our bodies and minds busy while also keeping companies in business. Buy online or use curbside pick-up to maintain social distancing.

I know that we are all watching what we spend, however if each of us can all pitch in and support business just a little they have a fighting chance to still be around after Corona is gone.

Check out the New York Times Best Seller List or any list you prefer and buy a book. You help the company that sells, the company and employees that produce the book, and the shipping company/driver that delivers. Plus, you focus your mind on a story that takes you away from reality for a while!

Do that long put off chore of cleaning out your clothing closets! Bag up those unwanted items for donation and the tax write off! When your all done reward yourself by purchasing 1 replacement item online, you just helped a clothing store, the employees that make the garment, the delivery source, and the donation center.

Animal lover? Most shelters survive on people’s donations and kindness. Order some dog or cat food and have it delivered to the shelter of your choice. When the shut in is over become a shelter volunteer, animals love you unconditionally and make you happy no matter how bad life currently seems. You may even find a fur baby to take home for yourself!

Get your creatives juices flowing, buy some paint from your local small business and redecorate a room. Help another retailer and order a new piece of bedding, lamp or pillow to match. If you have sewing skills (which I do not) support your local fabric store and create something beautiful yourself. No extra money to spend, rearrange a room and add some accent items that have been stored in the basement, closet, or undelivered donation bags. Center the change around that special item you just couldn’t toss for sentimental reasons or kept because you know that “one day you would need it”. Spare time and creativeness just gave your room a whole new look!

Don’t forget your favorite local restaurants, order curbside take-out and ready to bake family meals, you can also buy gift cards. These options will keep people employed, put cash into the struggling business and when life is back to “normal” you have gift cards to use. Invite some friends, more revenue for your favorite place and you have the pleasure of being in a group of those you have missed.

Go through those bathroom drawers and closets, safely get rid of expired medicines and items you don’t need taking up space. Don’t forget make up and facial products also have expiration dates. BE NATURAL ORGANICS is here for you, we appreciate our customers and your support of this local business means everything to us!

We are all in this together, we can make the difference one person at a time.           

I look forward to some additional suggestions from our readers, leave your comments/ideas below.

Be Natural Organics uses the finest ingredients available for all of our products. We use organic, wild crafted and Co2 derived plant materials in crafting each product. These ingredient are essential in producing the finest grade oils, for optimal skin nourishment and repair.

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