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Nano’s are actually Nanoparticles that are being used in sunscreens, moisturizers mainly for your face, anti-aging creams, mineral makeup, eye shadows, and mascara.

For such a tiny particle, 1/8000th the width of a human hair, nanos have the power to cause large amounts of damage. Because nanos are so small, they can penetrate deep into your skin and also into your body and lungs via inhalation, posing many threats including possible organ damage.

Be Natural Organics is very environmentally conscious and concerned with what goes into our air, ground, and water sources. With the super small size of nanos, they can infiltrate and survive in wastewater plants that run into our streams, rivers, and waterways that end up in the soil food is grown in. With this in mind, BNO’s Natural Sunscreen (tinted and no tint), has Zinc Oxide and additional natural ingredients to moisturize and nourish while protecting your skin with NO Nanoparticle chemicals.

The most natural, safe protection that is generally FDA approved is Mineral which is Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide and they are nano-particle free. Both are absorbed into the skin immediately for protection against the sun and then sit on the skin’s surface and physically prevent UV rays from penetrating your skin. Another benefit is that mineral sunscreens can be layered on top of other skin care products.

The most often used is Chemical, it allows UV absorption which then reacts to the chemicals from the sunscreen and can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Look on your sunscreen bottle, if you see oxybenzone, avobenzone, octocrylene and ecamsule, these chemicals are concerning.

Our body needs the suns vitamin D for healthy bones, our immune system, and its mood boosting powers. However, remember to always protect your skin with sunscreen, hydration, and a great moisturizer. Be Natural Organic  Sunscreen’s comes in tan, nude, and no tint plus a luxurious line of moisturizers and also used as a foundation.

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