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With Mother’s Day approaching I felt compelled to celebrate all the moms around the world and how hard they work at being one. Women become mothers for all reasons, planned, unplanned, adoption, fostering, loss of the biological parent. Whatever the reason you chose to become a mother; it means that moving forward your life will never be the same and you really wouldn’t want it to be if it didn’t include that special human being you call your child.

Today’s “moms” may be duel parenting, may be a grandparent, or a single dad also being the mom. I do know that being a mother can be damn hard, exhausting, and very underappreciated. Rather a working mom, a work from home mom or stay at home mom, it is a never-ending workday. After you clock out then there’s cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, multiple sports, clubs, music and dance lessons, shopping, bathing, feeding, paying bills, and running the household all on less sleep then needed, phew….. we must be superhuman.

Just imagine if all those were listed as job duties for a new position at a company you applied at, would you think twice and say to yourself no amount of money is worth all that! I know I would. There’s no raises in this position but there sure are bonuses; a sticky, sweet unexpected kiss, a hug and warm cuddle you never wanted to end, that beautiful smile with just a few teeth showing, the smell that was exclusively your child’s, that giggle and loud belly laugh that made you smile and tears well because you knew it would only last so long…..

So, to all the moms out there be proud of yourself, know you did the best that you possibly could loving, molding, and nurturing. Give yourself multiple pats on the back, celebrate, pamper, and love yourself; especially on this day because you all deserve it. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

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